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We help trainers, HR professionals and change managers to realize growth and change through insight into drivers. Both with teams and individuals.

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Discover the deeper motivations

My Motivation Insights is a widely used tool to provide individuals and teams with insight into their deeper drives and motivations. The color profile and the TeamScan provide reliable insight that helps improve the performance of people and organizations.

The online questionnaire, which you can complete in 20 minutes, measures the drives & motivations and translates them into an understandable color profile. In total we measure seven different drivers. Including the color turquoise, the color of NOW, which stands for global awareness and relevance.

Increase team effectiveness

By adding up the color profiles of all team members, the team profile is created. This provides insight into where the team naturally has the focus and energy. But that does not mean that the drives are used effectively. We use the TeamScan to measure effectiveness. The outcome of the Team scan shows which aspects a team can improve on.

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    Vision & Strategy
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    Healthy conflicts

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    Our mission is to realize movement and growth at an individual, team and organizational level through insight into drivers. As a result, people get the best out of themselves and enjoy working together on the success of an organization.

    We believe that spending time on your own personal development is the best investment. And we strive for a world where we understand each other better and where we use each other’sstrengths to grow.

    We get a lot of energy from the great cooperation we have with our facilitators and get a smile when the newly developed products achieve the desired effect.

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    Our background

    My Motivation Insights was developed by Unilever. She worked with a color instrument, but the high price, the lack of a personal report and a non-validated questionnaire were reasons to create her own color profile. In 2005 we became independent and since then we have been working with various organizations and independently working coaches and trainers.

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    Did you know that we offer free online transition training for professionals working with a Graves-based color instrument? Register for the free online transfer training and also benefit from the favorable rate!

    What color suits you?

    Do you also want to work with My Motivation Insights or are you interested in a session with your team? We are happy to talk about how we can best support you. We’d love to hear from you!