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We realise improvement and growth on individual, team and organisational levels through insights into motivational drives.

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My Motivation Insights is a widely used tool to give individuals and teams insight into their underlying motivational drivers. The colour profile and the TeamScan provide fast, reliable and understandable insights helping to improve the performance of people and organisations.

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Our mission is to achieve movement and growth at the individual, team and organizational level through insight into motives. The result is that people get the best out of themselves and enjoy working together on the success of an organisation.

We believe that spending time on your own personal development is the best investment. And we strive for a world where we understand each other better and use each other’s strengths to grow.

We get a lot of energy from the beautiful cooperation we have with our facilitators and we get a smile when the newly developed products achieve the desired effect.

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Our origin story

My Motivation Insights was developed by Unilever. The lack of a personal report, a non-validated questionnaire and the high price were reasons to create a new approach to colour profiles. The tool was developed together with HR experts, internal and external psychologists. The colour profiles are based on the teachings of the scientist Clare W. Graves, a contemporary of Abraham H. Maslow. In 2005 My Motivation Insights became independent.

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