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In April 2020, My Motivation Insights developed a new color profile that shows the drivers in the work and private situation. This provides a total insight that enables people to increase personal effectiveness and improve communication with others.

Because you always see the two profiles next to each other, you can see where the overlap is for each topic, but there are often also differences. It is precisely these differences that are interesting to look at from a coaching perspective: why does someone consider certain things more important in the work environment than at home? Or vice versa.

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Clarence W. Graves

Every man possesses all seven colors in more or less sizes. It’s the glasses that make you look. There is no good or less good combination and if circumstances change, the combinations of the motivations can also change with it.

Above the line are the motivations that give energy. If you are busy with activities that match these colors then that gives you energy. Conversely, tasks or activities that fit the pattern under the stripe will cost you a lot of energy. You then do things that you are not really passionate about.

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    The My Motivation Insights business profile was developed by Unilever. The lack of a personal report, an unvalidated questionnaire and the high price were reasons to create your own color profile. In 2005, My Motivation Insights has been independent. Since then, we have worked with various organisations and independent trainers and coaches.

    We work with certified facilitators. People with tremendous knowledge of things. During the 3-day facilitator training you will learn to link the color profiles and TeamScan back within your own organization.

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