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“Ik voel dat ik vervreemd van het team”

Discover the building blocks of an effective team

Various obstacles can stand in the way of a good cooperation of a team. Think of cock behavior, the wrong focus or miscommunication. Often, as part of a team, we are not even aware that this is the case, let alone know what exactly is causing those blockages. The following 7 building blocks open the door to effective collaboration in a team:


The absolute basis of any well-functioning team. Without trust, teamwork is virtually impossible. However, creating trust is the trickiest part of team development. That really does not happen automatically and you cannot claim it. Team trust is about seeing and using each other’s qualities, but also about knowing each other’s idiosyncrasies.

Healthy conflicts

These almost always arise automatically in teams because of the different perspectives. Disagreements can generate useful debates. In a team it is important that everyone’s opinion can be heard. It makes people think differently, and increases knowledge and insight, creating room for innovation.


Team involvement is critical to business success. If a team is involved, team members will be interested in what they are doing, committed to the team assignment and willing to go the extra mile.

Take responsibility

As a team, make sure that you understand each other and that everyone takes their own responsibility. And speak to each other about this too.

Vision & Strategy

Look beyond the daily work. A clear vision of the future helps to reach the dot on the horizon.

Missie en bezieling

Look at the big picture, at business sustainability and long-term success. Everyone is busy but being alone is not enough. Long-term success requires long-term thinking. What do we do it for?

Innovation in team development

Insight into the needs and wishes of the team. Do you recognise Graves' colours and Lencioni's model? That's right, because these theories, among others, form the basis of the new TeamScan. This scan gauges how team members experience their work (environment) based on the 7 building blocks and provides insight into the most important points of attention for growth and development. By the way, a team does not have to perform badly to become better.
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