The young adult colour profile shapes the personal development of students

Self-insight as an important starting point for reflective discussions
Understandable and practical instrument that sticks
Gives form and content to personal development and academic career guidance
A better self-image leads to self-reliance and self-confidence

Personal development in education

Training for the future

In addition to acquiring substantive knowledge, personal development plays an increasingly important role in education. Stimulating and monitoring individual, personal growth is more often given a permanent place in the curriculum within education.

More and more training courses are using the colour profile to give form and substance to the subject of personal development. Because the instrument provides concrete and reliable insights to realize reflective conversations about growth and development, it helps young people to gain insight into how they can improve their own functioning. This makes it a valuable tool for guiding young people through their studies.

From knowledge to insight and application

Learn from yourself and from each other

In order to work on your personal leadership, you need to get to know yourself even better. The colour profile helps with this. It provides a razor-sharp picture of what your motives and personal values ​​are. The colour profile will teach you to recognize and use your talents and you will discover how they can best be used.

How does it work?

With an online validated questionnaire (in collaboration with VU Amsterdam), the personal motives are identified within 20 minutes. These are displayed visually in a colour profile. The extensive report is immediately available in the secure environment.

Proven efficient

Clarence W. Graves

Each individual has all seven colours in different sizes. It’s the glasses that make you look. There is no good or less good combination and if circumstances change, the combinations of the motivations can also change with it.

Above the line are the motivations that give energy. If you are busy with activities that match these colours then that gives you energy. Conversely, tasks or activities that fit the pattern under the stripe will cost you a lot of energy. You then do things that you are not really passionate about.

Read the experience of the TMO Fashion Business School

Can you tell us something about the personal development of students at TMO Fashion Business School?
Personal Development is a stand-alone profession at TMO, but also runs as a thread through the semesters of TMO. The students are repeatedly asked to look at themselves: Who are they and where do they stand at that moment? What can they contribute? Where do they want to go and what do they want to do for it? The Personal Development profession helps with this. As part of this we give the students a My Motivation Insights training in the 2nd semester. With this tool, students receive a colour profile and corresponding report based on their answers. The profile consists of a number of colour bars that can appear in any order; each colour, order and size of the bar represents a certain motivation (motivation) and the resulting possible way of thinking and subsequent behavior. But the profile doesn’t judge who you are.
Why is this important for the students?
The ultimate goal of the study at TMO is to prepare the students for the fashion industry. The professional variants we train for are all based on cooperation. You can’t do it alone. In order to be able to work well together, it is necessary that you have knowledge of how you prefer to do it. To do this, you need to know what you’re made of. The young adult colour profile helps with this.
What is the practical use to the students?
The colour profile helps to increase the understanding of yourself, but also the understanding of the ‘being different’ of the other person. Knowing how you are, is the beginning of understanding another. In the daily study life of the students at TMO, they work together in at least two projects each semester. Over and over again, the student is asked to produce a result together. But the way there is perhaps even more important. How do I prefer to work together? How does the other person prefer to work together? And how do we put that together to get the best result? The profile is a handy insert and a fine coat rack to discuss this with each other.

Why work with us?

Discover the advantages

It is understandable & directly applicable in practice
No boxes-thoughts
Specially developed for young people from 15 years of age
Validated questionnaire (in collaboration with VU Amsterdam)
Measuring Turquoise, the colour of today, which stands for relevance and socially responsible
Fixed rate without a minimum purchase obligation

From theory to Practice

Become a facilitator

My Motivation Insights trains teachers to guide the feedback of the colour profiles within the training. In order to prepare for the use of the colour profiles, an intensive training course will be followed. This training focuses on the full understanding of the seven motivations and the underlying theory. In addition to the theoretical part, we also train how you can make a purposeful translation work in practice. Please contact us for a tailor-made in-house training to become a facilitator.
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