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How it works

Insight within 20 minutes

With an online, validated questionnaire, the deeper motives are measured within 20 minutes. These drives are visually represented in a color profile.

Every human being possesses all seven colours to a greater or lesser extent. It’s the glasses that make you look at the world. There is no good or less good combination and if circumstances change, the combinations of the motivations can also change with it.

The colors on a good day and a bad day

Touch me!

Above the black line = acceptance

Above the horizon

Everyone has their own way of thinking and action style that reflects your communication style or, for example, your way of leadership.

Above the horizontal black line you see the drives that attract you the most. These are the elements that make you happy and that have a positive effect on you. The length of the bars indicates the degree of preference, descending from high to low. This also means that you usually look at the world in the order of these drives.

Reject = below the black line

Insight into resistance

Drives can also have a negative effect on you. The lower half of your profile shows which drives are most resistant. These are elements that irritate you. Here, too, the longer the beam, the more resistance to this drive. You tend to see the negative aspects of these motives.

Discover your own color profile

Growth & development starts with insight

Er is een fout opgetreden tijdens het vertalen. Probeer het a.u.b. later nogmaals. Filling in the online questionnaire takes approximately 20 minutes. After this, your color profile and accompanying report are immediately available in the secure environment. The rate for the color profile is € 70.

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Energy balance

Balance and balance sheet

Then there are the white stripes that you see in every bar. They represent the energy balance of that color. If a white line is above the black line, these drives provide your energy. If they are below it, these drives actually cost energy.

Become a facilitator

From theory to Practice

If you would like to use the My Motivation Insights color profiles or team scan independently, you can become a facilitator. To prepare you well for using the instruments, an intensive 3-day training is followed. This training focuses on the full understanding of the seven motivations and the underlying theory. In-house training is possible with the participation of at least four people.

After completing the training, you will have access to the online secure facilitator environment from which you can send out questionnaires and analyze the results.

Become a Facilitator

Do you also want to work with My Motivation Insights or are you interested in a session with your team? We are happy to talk about how we can best support you. We’d love to hear from you!