Increasing self-knowledge gives your (employees) wings.


Business and private

A complete insight into all drives

My Motivation Insights started this spring with a colour profile that visualises both the motivations professionally and privately. Anne-Marie Koenraad-van Hees, facilitator at My Motivation Insights, immediately started working with this new tool. It has now become a permanent part of her approach.

“Yes, but I’m very different at home.”

Completeness of a person

“I was immediately impressed from the start. Because you actually combine two profiles in one report, this tool really does justice to the completeness of a person. The comments I often received in the past about a colour profile focused on business drivers: “yes, but at home I am very different.” Or: “how does that relate to home?” With the help of this latest tool you get a complete picture of who you are. Now that more and more people are working from home due to the consequences of corona, this question is becoming increasingly relevant for employees and employers. ”

The Seven Colours of Graves

First back to the theory behind the colour profiles of My Motivation Insights, based on the theoretical movement of Graves. This theory distinguishes a total of seven dynamics, each of which is represented by its own colour: green, yellow, turquoise, purple, red, blue and orange. Everyone has all the colours in them to a greater or lesser extent, but the order of these determines the nuance. In practice, it may be the case that someone shows different colours from a business point of view than at home, for example because other motivations are triggered under pressure.

Kleurrijke groet, Jan-Kees, Katrien, Rob en Doritt

The seven colours of Graves

All facilitators are trained to uncover the differences between these drivers. If there are differences, this tool helps to determine where someone really comes into their own. What can someone do to gain even more strength and to get more energy (again)? This also applies to facilitator Koenraad-van Hees: “I once coached a department head who found it difficult to delegate administrative tasks to her two (as it turned out) blue employees. Pre-eminently people who love structure. Her employees hated that they often had to redo the work when it was not in order. What did the colour profile of the department head reveal? At the front of her profile is yellow, which stands for creative and innovative. Now she accepts why she was not so good at the ‘blue’ work, she knows where her strength lies and what her energizers are. And the nice thing about this is, this gives her wings.”

From colour to action

The My Motivation Insights colour profile provides insight into your thinking and action sequence, shows what gives you energy and how you deal with stress. So there can be a big difference between a person’s personal and professional energy, and what behavior a person exhibits under stress. “What I learn during sessions is how to perceive a certain colour and convert it into appropriate actions,” says Koenraad. “Someone who is bothered by the fact that his ‘red’ hits too strongly no longer has to hold back. I teach that person how to use this decisiveness more subtly, so that the message gets across better. ”

See together what is needed

The experienced coach from Vught has been using the instrument structurally since its introduction this spring: during training, coaching and career paths. “Based on the profiles, we see together what is needed for both professional and personal development. People start to recognize their own behavior, there are many proverbial pennies. Colours are always the starting point, but so much more comes out of this colour profile. It is the coachee himself who decides to get started with this. ”

About Anne-Marie Koenraad-van Hees

Anne-Marie has been a facilitator at My Motivation Insights since 2014 and has been the owner of training and coaching agency 2Advance since 2015. After her previous commercial roles as a sales manager and trainer for Kenneth Smith, she was looking for a validated way to introduce people to their motivations. Because to really give smart people something good, you have to go into depth, she realized. She sees skills as just the tip of the iceberg. What is someone’s origin? What are someone’s norms and values? Much is in the subconscious, 90% is not visible but does influence someone. My Motivation Insights helped her develop a language to teach to her coachees and open a blind spot.

3 key takeaways from Anne-Marie:

  1. More self-knowledge gives you wings.
  2. People are always able to develop when faced with a deficiency. People (only) learn when they see the need for it.
  3. Assemble (online project) teams based on colours and ensure diversity.
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