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Experience the instrument and the possible cooperation during the free introduction workshop.

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To get a good idea of how the instrument works and what the various applications are, you can participate in the introductory workshop. You will receive an explanation of the various motives, the theory and the background on the basis of your personal color profile. There is also plenty of opportunity to ask questions, so you can better see if it fits within the organization or your way of working.

Marianne Linders-BolleursThanks to the good contact, I continue to choose My Motivation Insights!

Good contact with My Motivation Insights is the most important thing for me. I can always join the team, even on weekends. Thanks to the good contact, I continue to choose My Motivation Insights!

Danielle Elenga- BalkTrainer in Drives | Speaker | HR Business Partner

My Motivation Insights offers a better price, a lot more customization and they also allow partners a good business (no fear of competition) and vice versa.

Rens LindersSolution Focus & leadership | Founder Het Ontwikkelpunt

I chose the profile of My Motivation Insights because it came in the hardest. It offers the best mirror without sugar coaching. It's obvious, this is you. A lot of tests only produce something positive, you don't want that.

John HarberdenProcess & Change Manager-ZIJM/Zenna

With My Motivation Insights, I can help people, both professionally and privately - to better understand what costs them energy and what gives them energy. With that insight, a person can better decide on the direction of the next step in his or her career or private environment.

Growing with color

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Our mission? The optimal cooperation of individuals and teams, each with their own background, drive and capacities. My Motivation Insights provides insight and provides in-depth conversations about growth. Sign up quickly for the workshop and you will receive an e-mail with a link to your personal questionnaire. The workshop is free of charge.

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9 January 10-12 hours Breda (still 6 places)

27 March 10-12 hours Breda (still 8 places)

19 June 10-12 hours Breda (still 8 places)

11 September 10-12 hours Breda (still 8 places)

What My Motivation Insights is used for

Personal development

Personal development is about understanding yourself. Only then can you deal with it more consciously, get moving, take responsibility and make powerful choices.

  • Improve your self-insight and make the most of yourself
  • Develop optimal skills for your future
  • Push your boundaries and make conscious choices
  • Become an inspiring and motivating manager

Effective team Collaboration

More satisfied customers, higher profits and a good working atmosphere. These are all effects of better teamwork. Working together effectively ensures that the team performs optimally and that team members have more fun and energy.

  • Learn to understand each other better, resulting in fewer conflicts
  • Appreciate and exploit the individual qualities within the team
  • Optimal team composition
  • Improve communication

Recruitment & Selection

An objective measurement that provides insight into what gives a person energy from which he or she is better able to do the work.

  • Find the right candidate
  • Is there a match and someone with fun and energy goes to work
  • Give depth to the interview
  • Is there a good fit with the team, the manager and organization
  • Suggest candidates to organizations