Is it colour test or colour profile?


It is not a test and the results are neither right nor wrong

Why we don’t call it a colour test

At My Motivation Insights we do not use the term ‘colour test’. A test gives the impression that the outcome is positive or negative, whether you have passed or not.

The My Motivation Insights tools are not tests; these are questionnaires that measure different motives, the outcome of which is presented visually in a colour profile.

A colourprofile

A colour profile shows through which glasses you look at the world. The colour profile therefore provides insight into what moves someone. Your original qualities emerge, which is what you are naturally good at. Thanks to this insight, you can deal with it more consciously, get moving, take responsibility and make powerful choices. That is why this instrument helps to improve the performance of people, teams and organizations.

Your way of thinking and sequence of action

Confess colour

At My Motivation Insights we distinguish seven different colours. Each person has all seven colours to a greater or lesser extent. The combination of these underlies your way of thinking and action style. This is reflected in your communication style or your leadership style. The colour profile shows how you use the different drives under normal circumstances. Incidentally, there is no good or less good combination. It may even be the case that as circumstances change, the combinations of the drivers also change.

It is not only nice to know what drives you, but also what the drive is of your close colleagues and family. Because if you are able to understand their preferred style, then you can approach them in the right way. With a customized message, where you take the recipient into account, your message will arrive better. In short, with the insights from the colour profile you learn to understand yourself and others better. We therefore always recommend sharing the results of the colour profile with your team. Our experience is that this transparency promotes team collaboration and performance, as it ensures recognition and mutual understanding.

What is the colour profile used for?

Personal development
Effective team Collaboration
Recruitment & Selection
Strategic workforce planning

Personal development

Due to the shortage on the labor market, it is increasingly important for organizations to profile themselves attractively, in order to recruit talented employees and retain employees. Employees consider attention to personal development important. Here, the colour profile plays an important role, as the agent often serves as a starting point for further development.

Effective team Collaboration

Working together effectively ensures that the team performs optimally and that team members have more fun and energy. In teams we use the TeamScan, the latest tool from My Motivation Insights and an addition to the well-known business colour profile. The TeamScan investigates which aspects a team can improve on. This creates a reliable picture of how the team is doing and what the main points for attention are for growth and development.

Recruitment & Selection

During the recruitment & selection of new employees, the colour profile is used as an objective measurement that provides insight into what energizes someone so that he or she is better able to fulfill his job.

Strategic workforce planning

Strategic personnel planning is an important theme for many organizations. Not only to detect possible (future) personnel bottlenecks, but also to prevent and solve these bottlenecks. Do we have the right talents in our organization, now and in the future? The colour profile also answers these questions.
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