Motives and communication


Does the message come across as it is intended?

Communicate in a colourful way

The strength of a team lies in its diversity. But it is precisely because of these different types that miscommunication is lurking. If you are able to understand the preferred style of your colleagues, you can approach them in the right way. And that is handy, because with a customized message, where you take the recipient into account, your message will arrive better.

The same message other interpretation

Decisive versus pushy

Some people radiate a single colour very strongly, but in general we consist of a combination of colours. This combination determines our own personal style and preferences, also when it comes to communication. There is no right or wrong combination and when circumstances change, a person’s reaction can also change. For example, that powerful and mainly ‘red’ colleague is decisive and self-assured on a good day, but if things are not going well one day, he or she becomes dominant and pushy.

Customize your message and see what happens!

Learn to recognize other styles

Knowing and understanding another person’s behavioral style and mode of communication will help you estimate how that person will respond in certain situations. And you also have a better understanding of the way someone behaves and communicates. These insights can contribute to less irritation and less noise on the line, especially if someone reacts under pressure rather primarily.

Do you want to increase your ability to communicate more effectively and make more connections in the workplace? Immerse yourself in other people’s preferences, adjust your communication accordingly and then see what happens.
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