Prevent team members from disconnecting

Effective working (together) remotely

The effects of working from home

“I feel alienated from the team”

Research by the Knowledge Institute for Mobility Policy shows that between 55-70% of homeworkers have a positive experience with working from home. But working remotely also has disadvantages. Frequently heard complaints are: “The presence in the family is nice, but I feel that I am alienated from the company and my colleagues”. Or: “I get just as much, if not more work done, but I miss the bond with my team.”

Feeling connected is the challenge

Hold team development at a distance as well

Staying connected is a major challenge when working remotely. Despite the increase in the number of online meetings, we are getting removed from the team or the organization. Where there is more time in the physical world to catch up, there is hardly any room for that online.

But there are also other challenges. It is not always easy to predict dynamics when forming new (online project) teams or hiring new employees. The color profile and TeamScan of My Motivation Insights help to map the DNA of employees and teams, so that you can continue building based on that information.

Roadmap for team development

Improve team collaboration online

Team development serves as a lubricant to achieve more together. Much has of course changed since the pandemic. Working from home and remote management requires new leadership and perhaps other competencies. What does this new normal mean for productivity and team effectiveness? How can we improve team collaboration and performance online? And how do you maintain team development (also at a distance)?

The 2 elements that ensure a good & effective team

1. Creating good cooperation

Learn to understand each other better

Learning to understand yourself and others better, that’s where optimal team collaboration begins. This applies to teams that are already doing well and teams where something is going on. If you recognize the differences between them, you can also appreciate and use them better. To gain self-insight and to see where you differ with your team, we work with a validated color profile. These color profiles are very suitable for getting to know each other better in newly formed or formed teams. But they are also used when it comes to conflicts in which miscommunication is central.

My Motivation Insights has helped develop thousands of people. The color profile shows the deeper drives and motivations of individuals and teams. The profile shows where your qualities and talents lie and what your contribution to the team is. But it also maps out your pitfalls. Our experience is that if you recognize the colors of your colleagues, the misunderstanding decreases and the appreciation for each other increases. And once someone knows where their own strength lies, this not only helps the individual, but also benefits diversity in a team and cooperation.

2. Increase team effectiveness

Take advantage of the opportunities

Results are the result of the things you do. This works the same for a team. You can work well together, but if you don’t turn the right buttons, the team will achieve little growth and development. The TeamScan helps to get the best out of your team.

Almost every day we are approached by organizations and teams with the question of how they can improve cooperation. Managers or employees often know that something is going on in a team, but do not know where to start. We map the underlying need to see which elements need to be improved to achieve the desired results. Is it about mutual communication or is there a lack of trust in each other? Is there a need for a better division of tasks or are the responsibilities not assumed? There may be no shared long-term vision or there may be no work on the mission and inspiration.


Mission & Spirit
Vision & Strategy
Joint result
Healthy conflicts

Measurement from the individual

The color profile

Based on an online questionnaire that you can complete in 20 minutes, we measure the motivations in someone’s work and private situation, which are translated into an understandable color profile. A total of 7 different motives are measured, including the color turquoise, the color of NOW, which stands for global awareness and relevance.

The team profile is created by adding up the individual profiles. This provides insight into where the team naturally has the focus and energy. But that does not mean that the drives are used effectively. We use the TeamScan to increase effectiveness.

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Measurement from the team members

The TeamScan

The TeamScan investigates which aspects a team can improve on. Team members complete the same online feedback scan anonymously. This creates a reliable picture of how the team is doing and what the main points for attention are for growth and development.

The outcome of the Team scan shows which elements the team can best start with. But it does not stop at insight alone. The report immediately includes concrete improvement activities per building block. We often only think about team development when there are problems. However, a team does not have to perform badly to improve. Even when the base is in place, there is a lot to be gained.

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Enough time, but also budget?

We also understand that companies and teams, just like us, are currently carefully weighing investments. Know that we can offer various options with our partners and we like to think along. There are several ways to work with the instruments. You can work with the results yourself or have the session supervised by one of our certified partners. Both an online team session and offline in small groups are possible.

Regarding the rate, we can reassure you. We have more than acceptable prices that are lower than most providers of similar instruments. We believe that spending time on your own personal or team development is the best investment. And we strive for a world where we understand each other better and where we use each other’s strengths to grow.

Don’t wait for the red carpet to go out in front of the office, start the show!