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The colour profile is a widely used tool to give individuals and teams insight into their underlying motivational drivers. It provides fast, reliable and understandable insights helping to improve the performance of people and organisations.

Working with My Motivation Insights

Achieve growth in individuals and teams

My Motivation Insights is a simple, understandable and reliable tool that provides an excellent basis for optimal functioning and effective collaboration.

With an online, validated questionnaire, your underlying motivational drivers are revealed within 20 minutes. Every person is unique and a profile is never “right or wrong”. The seven colours provide insight into how you approach your environment.

Become a partner

3-day training to become a facilitator

The facilitator training is aimed at enabling you to work independently with My Motivation Insights within the organisation or in your own practice. During the course, participants learn to fully understand the seven motivational drives and the underlying theory. And we also train you on how to translate this knowledge to your practice.

This is why partners choose us

  • Very pleasant cooperation
  • Good & accessible instrument
  • Competitive rate
  • Measuring the colour Turquoise, the colour of today!

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