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Personal development starts with a good understanding of oneself

Everyone is different

A unique color profile

Drives are an important factor in understanding behavior, both in ourselves and in those around us. Why does everyone react differently to the same situation? Why is it very difficult to work with some people and why is it so easy to work with others? The answers often lie in a difference in motives. This means that the same situation can be interpreted in different ways

Your colorful ME

Improve personal effectiveness

You can immediately use the surprising insights gained from your color profile to make communicating with your environment a lot more efficient and flexible. Whether it’s your business relations such as your colleagues, manager or customers. The bond with your partner, family, friends or children: relationships become more valuable and irritations diminish. Guaranteed.


Finally, a profile that provides clarity. Very clear and useful to know what I really like! This allowed me to make a personal and correct choice of study. Highly recommended!


I got a clear picture of what kind of sector/organization I fit in and can now look more specifically for a nice job. By the way, the test result is also useful for your personal development. Definitely recommended!


Based on my color profile I finally made a switch. From a creative education to a very structured and caring education! My profile confirmed that I would feel more at home in healthcare.


After I have gained insight into my motives, I know what kind of people I can work with and which people I should avoid. As a result, I have improved my performance within the company.


By means of the color profile I know where I get my energy from, but also where I lose it. By keeping this in mind, a burn out can be prevented!

A profile of your inner self

Colorful insights into yourself

Companies such as Unilever, and AkzoNobel use the color profile to understand the personal values and soft skills of individuals. The tool is used by them as part of recruitment and selection, for the personal development of employees and to enable teams to work together more efficiently.

How does it work?

With an online, validated (in cooperation with UvA) questionnaire, we will bring your motives to the surface within 20 minutes, visually displayed in a color profile where each color represents a different value.

Request your color profile

Ready to discover yourself?

Would you also like to request your own personal color profile? You can! After payment you will receive an email from us with a link to the questionnaire. Once you have completed the questionnaire, your color profile and associated detailed reports are immediately available in the online secure environment. Start today with getting the best out of yourself!

  • The color profile costs € 70,- incl. VAT
  • It takes about 20 minutes to fill in the form.
  • Your color profile is immediately available


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A Business Profile provides insight into what motivates you at work.

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Personal Profile


What matters to you at work can shift more to the background at home.

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Making a study choice is difficult. Why not be helped in your decision?

Making a study choice

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