Achieve business growth with the business color profile

Get the best out of your team, get the best out of yourself!

Collaborate and Perform better

Learn to understand yourself and others

A business color profile gives insight into what motivates you at work. It allows you to increase your personal effectiveness and improve collaboration with others. The strength lies in yourself and others understand better. The business color profile teaches you to communicate effectively with your colleagues, customers or managers.

Proven efficient

Clarence W. Graves

The color profile of My Motivation Insights is not a hassle. It is scientifically substantiated, extensively tested and validated in collaboration with the University of Amsterdam. At the base, Graves ‘ theory is contemporary of Jung and Maslow. Every person has a set of motivations that complement each other, but also conflict with each other. Each individual also assigns a different weight to this set of values.


From theory to Practice

We work with certified facilitators. People with tremendous knowledge of things. The My Motivation Insights business profile was developed by Unilever. The lack of a personal report, an unvalidated questionnaire and the high price were reasons to create your own color profile. In 2005, My Motivation Insights has been independent. Since then, we have worked with various organisations and independent trainers and coaches.

What organizations put My Motivation Insights into

Personal development

Personal development is about understanding yourself. Only then can you deal with it more consciously, get moving, take responsibility and make powerful choices.

  • Improve your self-insight and make the most of yourself
  • Develop optimal skills for your future
  • Push your boundaries and make conscious choices
  • Become an inspiring and motivating manager

Effective team Collaboration

More satisfied customers, higher profits and a good working atmosphere. All effects of a better
Team collaboration
. Working together effectively ensures that the team performs optimally and that team members have more fun and energy.

  • Learn to understand each other better, resulting in fewer conflicts
  • Appreciate and exploit the individual qualities within the team
  • Optimal team composition
  • Improve communication

Recruitment and Selection

A Objective measurement That makes it clear where someone gets energy from which he or she is better able to perform the work.

  • Find the right candidate
  • Is there a match and someone with fun and energy goes to work
  • Give depth to the interview
  • Is there a good fit with the team, the manager and organization
  • Suggest candidates to organizations

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