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Discover the background

Stop starts continuously

Method that gets to the core and that encourages practical ideas for improvement

    Improve team effectiveness

    Provides a lot of conversation both online and offline

    Stop, start, continue is a working method that many of our facilitators use during team sessions to improve team effectiveness. It is a beautiful method that gets to the core and encourages practical ideas for improvement. The result is a list of concrete actions that the team can take to improve the current situation.

    Do you want to improve team effectiveness and increase the involvement of your team?

    Then this is a fairly simple exercise. You ask the team members these three questions. Everyone answers the questions for themselves without influencing each other.

    • What do you want the team to start with?
    • What should the team stop doing?
    • What do you want the team to continue with?

    Discuss the results together (or in groups) and jointly determine the 3 most important points for each question.

    Download the sheet on the right and share it with the team members.

      Let us know when you face a challenge with your team.

      We are happy to put you in touch with the facilitator who can help your team with the issue you encounter.

      Both an online team session and offline in small groups are possible.

      Discover the deeper motivations

      My Motivation Insights is a widely used tool to provide individuals and teams with insight into their deeper motives and motivations. The color profile and Team Scan provide quick, reliable, and understandable self-insight to help improve the performance of people and organizations.

      How it works

      Insight within 20 minutes

      With an online, validated questionnaire, the deeper motives are measured within 20 minutes. These drives are visually represented in a color profile.
      Every human being possesses all seven colours to a greater or lesser extent. It’s the glasses that make you look at the world. There is no good or less good combination and if circumstances change, the combinations of the motivations can also change with it.

      Do you also want to work with My Motivation Insights or are you interested in a session with your team? We are happy to talk about how we can best support you. We’d love to hear from you!