Talk to each other instead of about each other using the TeamScan


Ronald van Andel

facilitator and partner at My Motivation Insights, started two years ago as an independent team development specialist because he no longer wanted to ‘waste’ a day on things that give him no energy. His main drive is to really make a difference. His motto: “If you want to go fast, go alone, and if you want to get far, go together.”

Teams that want more and teams where hassle plays

What is important to teams?

“In practice I come across two teams: teams that are doing well and want more and teams where there is hassle. Managers or employees often know that something is going on, but then doing something with it is quite a challenge. I am often hired for these kinds of assignments. Differences within the team are often the bottleneck. This can be individuals or the manager. The latter will always have to take the first step when there is a hassle. But are they capable enough? Good employees are often promoted to manager. They usually know a lot and have ambition. A company does not want to lose that person and make the employee manager. But once in that position, the doubt arises, how do you do that, leadership? After a year you often see a distorted manager with a team with a lot of undercurrent. ”

How do you deal with that?

“I use the TeamScan whenever I get the chance. This tool from My Motivation Insights is unrelenting. The TeamScan examines (anonymously) which aspects a team can improve on. This creates a reliable picture of how the team views itself, how it is doing and what the main points of attention for growth and development are.

It goes without saying that the manager plays a major role in this. I am leveling that out, because every employee has a contribution to the team. But in order to solve it, the supervisor must take the first step. If everyone in the team is open to reflection and feedback, then I can start the journey with them. I think that’s cool, because these are often great projects where you can really make a difference. It does require people to be open to it. For example, if I notice that the manager is sticking his head in the sand, then achieving results is almost impossible. ”

Thanks to the results, a conversation quickly starts

Does that head in the sand often happen?

“Yes, and that’s why the TeamScan is really worth its weight in gold, especially in teams where they want to make everything measurable. Thanks to the results, a conversation quickly gets underway, naturally fed by a specific question. I always provide a feeling of absolute security, which is a condition. At the end of the day, I notice relief from the team. The pain points are accepted, and people see that vulnerability is actually not that difficult. And more importantly, there is more respect and understanding for each other.

The essence is that you allow confidence to grow. But how do you do that? I have developed special modules for this – such as the module know yourself, listening and giving feedback. For example, at the end of the day we agree to give each other continuous feedback, but it is up to the team to maintain that. It is the role of the manager to initiate and maintain this. Then you will grow as a team! My goal is to get out of there as soon as possible, if that works I have done my job well. ”

Score now and in one year

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Can you actually learn to work together?

“Yes, with the right breeding ground. Trust is essential. Someone must dare to learn, dare to make mistakes. Basically every person has that in them. Look, you always have people who go faster individually, often a manager. I try to convince them that they cannot achieve as much on their own as together. I always say: if you want to go fast, go alone, and if you want to get far, go together.”

Talk to each other instead of about each other

What would you like to give all teams?

“Have the guts to be vulnerable and build trust. Talk to each other instead of about each other. The great thing about the TeamScan is that the DNA of the team or organization comes to the fore. Certain combinations are more common, by the way. For example, in education and healthcare I often see the colour / motivation Green with a lot of attention for collaboration and consensus. Employees with a strong green focus often find it difficult to say no. The result: people who have the upper hand determine the route. I make employees aware of their green drive with the accompanying strength, but also the pitfalls and teach them to deal with this. What do you do with colleagues who doubtfully say yes and yet think no? My advice is also to look at images and sound. Someone’s non-verbal attitude often speaks volumes, so do something with it and make it negotiable.“
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