Team development with Graves' colours and Lencioni's pyramid


Pyramid Lencioni & Colours Graves

Two proven theoriesin one scan

In recent years, we have worked with our partners to explore different methods and theories to help teams work together and perform better.

A frequently used model is Patrick Lencioni’s pyramid. In his international bestseller The 5 Frustrations of Teamwork, the American management consultant zooms in on the five success factors of strong teamwork while at the same time providing insight into the main threats.

From colour to action

In our opinion, the existing pyramid of Lencioni was not yet complete, the mission, purpose and vision was lacking. That is why we have expanded the model with the 2 top drivers from the theory of Graves, resulting in a complete picture.

The complete model is incorporated in an online scan that we use to measure the effectiveness of teams. The outcome of the Team scan shows which aspects a team can improve on.

The seven building blocks

It is important to know that the shape of the pyramid has been chosen because the bottom building block is the most important. Without a stable foundation of mutual trust, the pyramid is shaky and the entire structure falls.

Especially in this time of online collaboration. Now that people feel that they are alienated from the team, it is very important to work on this building block.

How does it work?

Based on an online questionnaire, which you can complete in 20 minutes, the scan provides anonymous insight into what the team must work on to achieve the desired growth and development.

The results provide insights that teams can use themselves or under the guidance of a facilitator. To help the teams on their way, the report includes activities for improvement per building block.
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