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The team scan shows where and how the team can improve

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Good cooperation in teams is difficult to achieve, but it is not really complicated. Ultimately, what matters is that the team achieves the results for which the team was created.

The TeamScan investigates which aspects a team can improve on. This creates a reliable picture of how the team is doing and what the main points for attention are for growth and development.

TeamScan versus team kleurenprofiel

Input meting versus output meting

By adding up the color profiles of all team members, the team profile is created. This provides insight into where the team naturally has the focus and energy. But that does not mean that the drives are used effectively. We use the TeamScan to measure effectiveness.

Based on an online questionnaire, which you can complete in 20 minutes, the scan provides anonymous insight into what the team must work on to achieve the desired growth and development. The results provide insights that teams can use themselves or under the guidance of a facilitator. To help the teams on their way, the report includes activities for improvement per building block.

The TeamScan is for teams:

  • who want to move forward together
  • who feel that the collaboration and results can be even better
  • where something is happening that requires action
  • who do not want to work with an analysis from a “top” hat but with a proven method
  • who do not want to go through a long and expensive process, but are looking for a concrete action plan
  • who want to implement and take action

We often only think about team development when there are problems. However, a team does not have to perform badly to improve. Especially when the base is in place, there is a lot to be gained!

In the meantime, I have deployed the TeamScan at various companies. The reactions were from painfully confronting to affirmative. Three participants, where the score on trust was low, literally said “we have to do something with this”, this is unacceptable. It really is an effective and beautiful way to bring about changes and developments. It’s not the manager or the trainer who thinks anything about it, it’s the people themselves who decide.

Anne-Marie Koenraad van Hees

Training, coaching, inspiring, eigenaar 2advance

The TeamScan is a strong tool to get the team talking about building trust and using the different qualities and insights of all team members. This basis of healthy teams is often difficult to discuss and with the TeamScan it goes without saying. By discussing the results openly with each other, mutual trust is built!

Goof van Amelsvoort

Organization consultant, owner

Discover the advantages

Facts & Figures

  • Full online scan (feedback is also possible online)
  • Blueprint of how the team is doingat the moment
  • Insight into where the ambition lies in a year’s time
  • Provides in-depth conversations about growth
  • Niet alleen constateren maar ook interventies & werkvormen

Mission & Spirit
Vision & Strategy
Joint result
Healthy conflicts

Create your own TeamScan for free

You will receive your own TeamScan result made on the input of one person (yourself). This will give you an idea of what the scan might look like for your team.

    I am interested in the TeamScan for a session with my teamI am interested in working with the TeamScan

    Get started with the TeamScan

    There are 3 ways to get started with the TeamScan. Find out which way suits you best.

    Get started yourself with the TeamScan insights

    The questionnaire is sent to the team. When everyone has completed the results, the results are available.

    The appealing scan invites you to get started right away. You will also receive a short presentation with practical tips and tricks.

    € 58.00 per participant excluding VAT
    Discuss the options

    Insight & a clear improvement plan in 1 day

    During the team day, the team is guided (online) by an experienced facilitator.

    It is not just theory and knowledge, but an interactive session in which improvement activities are discussed per building block.

    Daypart from € 1,500 excluding scans
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    Include the TeamScan within the organization

    In the online training you learn to use the TeamScan within your own organization.

    Training for experienced team leaders. After the training you will get access to the database and you can send and analyze scans from your own account.

    Knowledge of drives is required
    TeamScan training

    Would you like to discuss with us whether the new TeamScan is right for you? Feel free to contact us, we would like to talk to you without any obligation!