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Business color profile

A business color profile gives insight into what motivates you at work. It allows you to improve your personal effectiveness at work and gives you tips on how to find a job in an environment that gives you energy. The goal: to better understand yourself and others. You learn to communicate effectively with your colleagues, customers and managers.

✓ Get the most out of yourself, push your limits and increase your results.

✓ Find the job that suits you, distinguish your CV

✓ Discover your communication style and that of others. Learn to work together successfully.

Personal color profile

What motivates (and irritates) you in your private environment can be different from your work. The personal color profile has been developed for this purpose, which focuses on your motives in everyday life. It emphasizes what you find important in your relationship, your social environment and upbringing.

✓ Get to know yourself even better, what really gives you energy.

✓ Strengthen your relationships at home and at work.

✓ Keep developing yourself and work on the best version of yourself.

Young Adult color profile

Making a study choice is difficult. Why not get a little help in your decision? The Young Adult color profile provides a razor-sharp picture of your motives and where your talents lie, and matches them to appropriate disciplines. In addition, the profile is used at various educational institutions as part of personal development.

✓ Make an appropriate choice of study.

✓ Get more self-insight. Discover your energy providers and your communication style.

✓ Increase your study results (suitable for P.O.P. and portfolio)

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