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A team doesn’t have to perform badly to get better!

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Learn to understand yourself and others better

A team session ensures more efficient collaboration. A better atmosphere and less friction. You learn why you and your colleagues react as they do and recognize how you can motivate and convince others. You will experience what is effective and what is ineffective in the various drives and will learn how to adapt your way of communicating with your colleagues, manager or customers.

A team session is always tailor-made and the set-up is determined in consultation with the client. At the end of the day you know what your team needs to take the next step. And do you have the tools to do it yourself!

Most requested topics are:

  • Really get to know each other for optimal cooperation
  • Improve communication
  • Result-oriented working
  • Dealing with changes
  • (renewed) Energy and passion in teams
What customers say about the team sessions:

Better insight into how/why I act in a certain way and how to deal with it effectively.


Valuable tools for discussions with clients, as well as insight into my own motives and those of colleagues.


In one day it will be clear where the needs of the entire team lie. And also clear insight into the strengths and pitfalls of our team.


Interesting and interactive day! I have gained more insight into myself and how I can continue to grow.

R. Erkus

Have a nice open session. I'm glad we can keep in touch with you if you have any questions.

S. Weerts

Diversity is the key

Use the individual qualities

You can work really well together with people who are different and have different insights. When team members are all similar, it is nice to work together, but the team is probably not very constructive. All effective teams are diverse in terms of characters, styles and basic competencies. Because team members look at the world differently, they all interpret it in a different way. This results in higher innovative power and better performance.

Everyone has talents, you just have to learn to recognize them, use them and be able to assess the environment in which they are most useful. Who takes care of the structure, that a project is completed from A to Z? Who will keep the objectives sharp and who will make the decision if they have to?

Do you have a team development question or are you facing a challenge with your team?

For every company

Not only for the larger companies

It is often thought that team sessions with color profiles are only for large organizations, but that is certainly not true. Particularly within SME companies, offices or Works Councils, the cooperation is very intensive and often also intense. In many cases the work is carried out under the pressure of a deadline and it is precisely in situations of high pressure that the uncensored version of people emerges.

Mission & Spirit
Vision & Strategy
Vision & Strategy
Healthy conflicts

Proven efficient

Clarence W. Graves

Prior to the session, you will fill in a validated questionnaire that will bring out the deeper motives within 20 minutes. Every color profile is unique and a profile is never “right or wrong”. The seven colors provide insight into how you feel about life.

The color profile has been extensively tested and validated in collaboration with the University of Amsterdam. At the base, Graves ‘ theory is contemporary of Jung and Maslow. My Motivation Insights is put into practice by specially trained facilitators. Always certified and specially selected.

Hello this is us!

Do you see our color profiles? Completely different but therefore a good complement to each other so we have all the elements in house to put down a great company.

We love a personal approach (green), work with great passion & Enthusiasm (orange) and constantly think of a next innovative step (yellow). We also make what we Promise (blue) and react directly (red).

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