Make the switch during the free online transfer training and also take advantage of the low rate

For professionals who work with a Graves-based color profile

Switch easily

Do you work with a Graves-based color profile?

Then switching to our instrument is very easy. During the free transfer training, the various motives will be discussed in one part of the day, the differences with other instruments will be explained and the 7th motive Turquoise will be discussed in more detail. After attending the training, you will be a certified licensee. You will have access to the online secure facilitator environment from where you can send questionnaires and reports and analyze the results.

Discover the advantages

Why work with us?

  • Competitive rate of € 58,- excl. VAT per questionnaire. Please contact us for more information about our license fees.
  • Fixed price whether you purchase 1 or 100 profiles. There is no minimum purchase obligation.
  • Innovative. Discover the TeamScan
  • Validated in collaboration with the University of Amsterdam
  • Measuring Turquoise, the color of today, stands for relevance and social responsibility.
  • Pleasant and personal support from the My Motivation Insights team.
Danielle Elenga-BalkTrainer in Drives

My Motivation Insights allowed me to get started right away, given my experience and track record, so it was very easy to make the switch!

Anton-Pieter van LogtestijnSymbius - Development partner for legal departments and advocacy

I was allowed to follow the transition training at My Motivation Insights. I switched because of the lower costs and have now experienced MMI as a very pleasant partner to work with with very nice and helpful employees. The training itself is recommended: good quality, fast and to the point!

Mark VinckenMark Vincken Advice

I experienced the free transfer training as very pleasant and effective. No longer than necessary, enough attention to the (small) differences between My Motivation Insights and other instruments as well as the use of the MMI portal, with room to exchange experiences with other 'Graves' professionals and the MMI team

Marianne Linders-BolleursSolution focus coach in behavioral change

Good contact with My Motivation Insights is the most important thing for me. I can always join the team, even on weekends. Thanks to the good contact, I continue to choose My Motivation Insights!

Danielle Elenga-BalkTrainer in Drives

My Motivation Insights offers a better price, a lot more customization and they also allow partners a good business (no fear of competition) and vice versa.

Sven van HarberdenProcess & Change Manager-ZIJM/Zenna

With My Motivation Insights I can help people - business and private - to better understand what energy costs them and what gives them energy. With that insight, a person can better decide on the direction of the next step in his or her career or private environment.

Free online training

What does training look like?

  • There are no costsassociated with the transfer training.
  • Suitable for professionals working with Graves-based color profiles
  • The training is provided through Microsoft Teams
  • After the training you will receive your own connection in the database and you can start immediately!

Would you like to get acquainted with our color profile first to see if this instrument suits your (approach)?

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    Who’s the training for?

    passion fordevelopment

    For every professional who is familiar with the color methodology based on Spiral Dynamics or Graves and has relevant work experience with it. Prior to the training there is an intake interview to get acquainted and to discuss the experiences.

    Are you curious about our background? Discover our origins at the bottom of this page and read what we believe in.

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      December 11 – online – 9 am to 12 am

      January 15 – online – 9 am to 12 am

      April 9 – online – 9 am to 12 am

      June 4 – online – 9 am to 12 am

      October 1 – online – 9am to 12am

      Specialist in growth and development

      Our mission is to realize movement and growth at an individual, team and organizational level through insight into drivers. As a result, people get the best out of themselves and enjoy working together on the success of an organization.

      We believe that spending time on your own personal development is the best investment. And we strive for a world where we understand each other better and where we use each other’sstrengths to grow.

      We get a lot of energy from the great cooperation we have with our facilitators and get a smile when the newly developed products achieve the desired effect.

      We support you to empower your clients

      Our background

      My Motivation Insights was developed by Unilever. The high price, the lack of a personal report and a questionnaire that was not validated were reasons to create your own color profile. In 2005 we became independent and since then we have been working with various organizations and independently working coaches and trainers.

      Would you like to discuss with us whether this training is right for you? Please feel free to contact us, we would love to hear from you.