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Provides insight into the team dynamics

The TeamScan shows in an appealing model where the team now stands and where the team would like to stand over a period of one year. It is an interesting subject for discussion, which teams can use themselves. The report also includes improvement activities for each building block.

Mission & Spirit
Vision & Strategy
Joint result
Healthy conflicts

Using the TeamScan

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In order to be able to use the TeamScan independently, we offer training at our office in Breda. During the training we explain the model to you in one part of the day and explain the underlying theory. In addition, we also train how you can make a targeted translation in practice. After following the training you are ready to start working with the TeamScan.

Ronald van AndelTeam Development Specialist

How nice to be busy every day to make people, teams and ultimately the world a little better with this valuable instrument. Not to mention the recently developed, valuable TeamScan. Actually measure what a team thinks of itself based on the current reality and from there let teams grow and eventually let them fly.

Anne-Marie Koenraad van HeesTraining, coaching, inspiring, eigenaar 2advance

It really is an effective and beautiful way to bring about changes and developments. It's not the manager or the trainer who thinks anything about it, it's the people themselves who decide. The differences between them give room for openness and understanding of the differences in perception. The report gives advice on how to develop for each theme. This gives the people themselves, the manager and the trainer influence and responsibility for the desired growth.

Goof van AmelsvoortOrganization consultant, owner

The TeamScan is a strong tool to get the team talking about building trust and using the different qualities and insights of all team members. By discussing the results openly with each other, mutual trust is built!

JoepLearning & Development

I participated in the training to fill my toolbox communication & Personal Development for Business & private. To be able to use these tools to develop employees in the business field.

Who’s the training for?

Passion for Team Development

For every professional who is familiar with the color theories such as Jung, Spiral Dynamics or Graves and has relevant work experience with them. Prior to the training there is an intake interview to get acquainted and to discuss the experiences.


What does training look like?

  • This training is intended for trainers / coaches as well as HR professionals.
  • The investment is € 295,- exclusive Vat. This amount includes 4 free questionnaires worth € 58,- each.
  • The training lasts 2.5 hours and is given via Microsoft Teams.
  • After the training you will receive your own connection in the database and you can start immediately!

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    January 29 – 9 am to 11.30 am (8 places)

    April 12 – 9:00 am to 11:30 am (8 places)

    September 24 – 9:00 am to 11:30 am (8 places)

    Would you like to discuss with us whether this training is right for you? Feel free to contact us. We like to think along with you.