Working with the color profiles & Teamscan?

Learn during the facility training to link the instruments back within your own organization.

Become a facilitator

Interactive and inspiring training

My Motivation Insights Guides Facilitators to accompany the feedback of the color profiles within their organization or their own practice. This training focuses on the full understanding of the seven motivations and the underlying theory. In addition to the theoretical part, we also train how you can make a purposeful translation work in practice. We teach you to make connections, give a clear feedback and, where necessary, further guide a route.

John HarberdenProcess & Change Manager-ZIJM/Zenna

The facilitatortraining was for me a nice, instructive, floor where I could get good practical grips. With this, I can help people-business and private-to better understand what energy costs and what gives them energy.

Faisal TahirCommunications Advisor AIR-Ministry of Defence

An inspiring, colorful workout! I am glad that I can already apply the theory of training in many ways. Whether it's advice in the field of motivations and putting people in their power, or writing better text tailored to an audience. I'm going to practice a lot!

Paul BreuerOrganisational adviser Koenen and Co

My Motivation Insights gives you training and facilitator insight into the dynamics and patterns of motivations. You get a sense of the strengths and pitfalls of different profiles and can start developing organizations, teams and individuals afterwards! Enough tools and insights to get you started!

MargotTrainer, coach, speaker

Very complete training with knowledge and insights about the various motivations. Why you do as you do. How do you limit your motivations and how they grow you correctly.

JoepLearning & Development

I participated in the training to fill my toolbox communication & Personal Development for Business & private. To be able to use these tools to develop employees in the business field.

Who is this training for?

Passion for Development

For anyone who is working to make people and/or teams work better. Such as HR or L & D professionals. Managers, (Job) Coach professionals, (team) trainers and recruitment and selection specialists. Prior to the training there is an intake interview to get acquainted and to discuss the experiences.


What does the training look like?

  • The training lasts three days, spread over three weeks.
  • We do not want large groups. The training is given to a small group of participants of max. 8 persons.
  • The investment is €2,800,- excl. VAT Vat. This amount includes 3 free questionnaires worth € 58,- excl. Vat. each.
  • The training is given at our office in Breda. At the participation of a minimum of four people we can organise an in-house training.
  • Includes course materials, lunch, coffee & tea.

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    Agenda Facilitatortraining

    14, 19 and 28 November 2019-Vol Booked

    14, 20 Jan and 3 Feb 2020-5 more places

    12, 20 and 26 March-6 more places

    25 May, 4 and 11 June-8 more places

    10, 14 and 24 September-8 more places

    9, 19 and 27 November-8 more places

    Do you want to discuss with us if the training is for you? Please feel free to contact us, we would love to hear from you.